As RASYO, we provide services in the fields of fair, publishing, organization, and software thanks to our 25 years of experience. We also work as a corporate agency with associations of industrialist businessmen.

For 7 years, we have mainly turned our direction to fair works, and we have broken grounds many times in this field, which came to the fore of the country. Because we have always chased after firsts and innovations. In every project we have actualized, we have put forward the achievements of our solution partners, fair participants, and our unique country.


We have planned every step we will take in advance, enabling both participants and visitors to have seamless and unique experiences. Today, we feel right proud of the projects we have actualized in which beautiful memories come to life in everyone's mind as soon as they mentioned. In our future plans, we consider the projects only about which we are excited and whose success will not be limited to our country.


Arnavutkoy – Hadımkoy Expo Industrial Event 2014 and 2018

Kucukcekmece Expo Industrial Event 2016

Esenyurt Expo Industrial Event 2015

Tent of Brands, 18 different organizations in the years of 2016 – 2019

Cheese Fair 2019

Dubai Health and Aesthetic Fair 2020

The Virtual Fair of International Health and Aesthetic Sector and B2B Event 2020

Cheese Fair 2022


Efeexim FZE, a Dubai company, has been organizing international expositions, events, and organizations for 15 years with its professional team and trustworthy service approach. The most substantial determinant that led us to success has been that our love for a job with the energetic and friendly staff of our team, working within a certain program and discipline, sharing information with all our stakeholders in the most open way, producing solutions, and be inspired by national and international examples.

In the process we are in, we are preparing the ground to carry our values to the international arena and to enable our participants to establish long-term, permanent cooperation.

You will be able to experience the real expo atmosphere with our virtual expo infrastructure; whose technology development and application infrastructure belongs to Efeexim FZE and which emerged with a 6-month preparation process.

With its up-to-date and easy-to-use infrastructure and access from anywhere, you can get access to the details you need and develop collaborations.

Some of our organizations

India International Furniture Expo

I'm Design Mumbai and Turkey Events

İnegöl Meets with the World


Buying Delegation UAE

Gana & Turkey Virtual B2B Fair

Hive Furniture Show 2021