18-20 April 2025


(Dr. Architect Kadir Topbas Show and Art Center)


10:00 - 19:00


Ece Fuarcılık Danışmanlık Tic. Ltd. Şti.

1st time in the world: Cities will promote themselves with their festivals

Every color is beautiful, but to create a unique masterpiece, they must be brought together on a unique canvas.

With the Colors Of The World Fair, we are creating that unique canvas to bring together the extraordinary colors of our world.

Our world is home to ancient civilizations spanning thousands of years, captivating cultures, awe-inspiring historical artifacts, breathtaking natural wonders, and colorful festivals.

At the Colors Of The World Fair, we embark on a journey filled with unique beauties to ensure that historical, cultural, and natural treasures awaiting discovery across the globe, from Asia to Europe, Africa to the America, are not left undiscovered.

Colors Of The World Fair will bring together the tourism cities from different regions of the globe with a completely different concept, where the participants are only the world cities. In other words, while the participants are the cities themselves, other stakeholders of the industry will attend as visitors.

Domestic and international tourists will experience the enchantment of discovering new and unique tourist destinations at the Colors Of The World Fair.

Now is the time to explore and promote the colorful festivals of participating cities, with their most distinctive and intriguing aspects, all under one roof, at the same time!

The unique colors of our world's diverse landscapes will come together on the same canvas for the first time.

The Colors of the World Exhibition will showcase to the world how magnificent of a mosaic we create when our differences come together.

World cities will introduce themselves with their magnificent natural beauties, taking you on a journey through time with their hidden historical structures, offering unparalleled flavors and cultural richness, and presenting their most entertaining festivals, while also making significant contributions to their tourism related economies.

Participating cities at Colors Of The World Fair will exhibit their cuisines via live shows in the Gastronomy section, while also engaging visitors with their cultures through folkloric dances and music in the Performance Stage section.

The world's most colorful festivals all at once, all at the same place!

Colorful festivals, which have become one of the most important factors in tourism destination choices, will come to the feet of Colors Of The World Exhibition participants and visitors. Participating cities will have the opportunity to showcase all their branded or branding festivals to the world from the stage of Turkey and the podium of Istanbul!

In addition to these outdoor activities, within the indoor fair area, participants will interact with different cities, agencies, professionals and visitors at their dedicated booths.

It's time to explore and introduce the colorful festivals of cities, with their most distinctive and intriguing aspects, all at once and in the same venue, with the Colors Of The World Fair!

Together We Are Colorful, Together We Are Strong

To introduce the world cities at the same time and with equal opportunities.

Offering special promotional areas not only to tourism companies but to the actual owners of tourism, the world cities, to highlight countries' tourism values.

Introducing world cities simultaneously and on equal terms.

Providing an opportunity for world cities to promote their branded or brand-building festivals to the World in Istanbul, the ancient city where two continents converge.

Allowing participating cities to showcase their cultural values instantly through stage performances of traditional music and dances, as well as live gastronomy shows, in designated open spaces.

Providing domestic and foreign visitors with visual spectacles focused on cities' exciting festivals, while also offering business development opportunities.

Facilitating the creation of new tourism destinations by showcasing the cultural, historical, and touristic values of participating world cities to professionals and individuals.

Bringing together domestic and foreign tour companies, travel agencies, accommodation providers, transportation companies, event organizers, and other sectoral professionals under one roof.

Facilitating pre-planned B2B meetings between professionals visiting the fair and relevant administrators from each city.

Disseminating the views of experts and authorities in the field through conferences and panels

Despite all challenges hindering circulation, such as pandemics, wars, and economic crises, aiming to elevate world tourism to a point where all destinations can provide uninterrupted service throughout the year.

Providing an opportunity to announce and sustain globally organized festivals, which have become one of the most important values of cities, from the Turkey stage and Istanbul platform to the World, and ensuring that our country's name is also associated with our unique fair.

Serving as a platform to introduce the cultural, historical, and touristic values, as well as the unknown aspects, of world cities to the world.

Reviving and Sustaining Tourism

World cities under one roof for individual travelers!

Whether opting for popular destinations or niche addresses, domestic and foreign tourists visiting the Colors Of The World fair will have the opportunity to explore the well-known or lesser-known features of world cities, focusing on their branded or brand-building festivals. At this colorful fair where many world cities will come together under one roof, visitors will have the opportunity to see, hear, taste, and get to know unique beauties simultaneously.

Visitors will enjoy delightful performances of traditional music and folkloric dances from world cities in the Performance Stage area, while experiencing delicious flavors and aromas in the Gastronomy area.

Additionally, they can attend conferences and panels featuring industry authorities and expert speakers to gain valuable insights.

They will have the chance to interact one-on-one with officials and staff at booth areas and find answers to their questions.

As participants from every continent gather at our fair, visitors will have the opportunity to get to know cities' cultural, historical, and touristic diversity in the same space and time, gaining more realistic impressions and experiences.

They will also be able to learn more about cities' most prominent festivals in a more comprehensive manner and from different perspectives. They will witness thousands of years of history, unique natural beauties, and an unforgettable cultural mosaic

World cities under one roof for individual travelers!

Colors Of The World will offer professionals attending as visitors, not participants, a magnificent networking opportunity.

Visitors will enjoy delightful performances of traditional music and folkloric dances from world cities in the Performance Stage area, while experiencing delicious flavors and aromas in the Gastronomy area.

In traditional fairs, professionals often focus solely on promoting their companies and miss out on many opportunities. At Colors Of The World fair, they will have the chance to meet closely with officials from cities worldwide who are participating as exhibitors. In these meetings, they can not only explore new destinations but also establish new business collaborations in areas such as tours, accommodations, events, festivals and more.

They will be able to engage in pre-arranged purchasing and sales meetings with city authorities, tour companies, hotels, festival organizers, event management companies, etc. and embark on profitable new ventures.

The Heart of the World Will Beat in Istanbul!

Turkey, one of the pupil of the world tourism with its unique natural beauties, thousands of years of history, cultural richness, delicious tastes, and countless treasures, hosts the most numbers of tourists in Istanbul, a city that has embraced many civilizations.

Istanbul, with its status as the capital of empires, its hosting of all major religions, its unique Bosphorus strait connecting Europe and Asia, its role as a bridge between the West and the East, its unparalleled historical texture, and its countless colors and incomparable flavors, mesmerizes its visitors, being the sole address of infinite diversity.

The Istanbul Eurasia (Dr. Mimar Kadir Topbaş) Show and Art Center is the largest exhibition center in Istanbul, and even in Turkey.

Built in 2017 by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to contribute to tourism, it is located on a 18,470 square meter area. It has 11,000 square meters of indoor space and a height of 16 meters. It is easily accessible from both Asia and Europe. It can be easily accessed by road, sea, and rail. It offers restaurant, café, advanced technological infrastructure, and parking facilities for 8,000 vehicles.

'The Colors of the World' Under the Same Roof

World Colors on One Canvas!

The target audience of the Colors Of The World Fair, where we will achieve many firsts, is quite broad. It is estimated that the number of visitors, along with participants from all over Turkey and many parts of the world, will exceed 100,000.

Comprehensive promotional activities aim to secure a special place in the international press.

Domestic Target Audience:

Visitors interested in learning about regions and individual cities for domestic tourism

Tourism businesses

Tour operators

Travel agencies


Other accommodation providers

Tourism-related sectors

Sector buyers

Official institutions and organizations

Diplomatic representatives

Festival organizers

Event management companies

Academic institutions and organizations

Tourism media

International Target Audience:

Foreign tourists looking for new destinations

Invited tour operators

Invited travel agencies

Invited festival organizers

Invited event management companies

Editors of invited media organizations

Tourism writers and critics

Colors Of The World Everywhere You Look!

Our fair will be brought to the world agenda through a 360-degree communication campaign before, during, and after the event.

Traditional Media Channels

National and Regional TV Channels (Main News Bulletins and Live Broadcasts)

International Press

Magazines and Newspapers (Press Releases)

Radio Channels (News, Live Broadcasts, Ticket Giveaways)

Outdoor Advertisements





Digital Channels

Social Media Posts

Social Media Ads

Influencer Marketing

Blogger Agreements

Youtuber Agreements

Google Ads

Mailing Lists

Live Streams on YouTube During the Fair

Google Adwords and Display Ads

Website (Responsive)

Colors of The World will offer visitors a unique fair experience with colorful and fun surprises at every turn.

In the open show areas at the fair, each city will be granted special time slots to showcase its culture. During these slots, participating cities can perform impressive shows such as dances, music, concerts, live cooking demonstrations, exhibitions, or sports activities.

Expert speakers and industry leaders will take the stage at conferences and panels to equip participants with valuable information.

B2B meetings, facilitated by a special software, will be organized before the start of the fair. The participants, organizations, or individuals with whom the meetings will be held, along with the days and times, will be predetermined. Key figures, companies, and institutions shaping the tourism economy will have the opportunity to engage in face-to-face and private discussions with representatives from cities around the world.

We are versatile and strong in B2B as well!